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Owner and Resident Responsibilities
Each unit owner and resident is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their individual unit, including heating and air conditioning systems pertaining to that unit.

Encore Staff
The Encore staff maintains the common areas of the building and is responsible for the general day-to-day administration of the condominium.  The Association contracts with a private company for after-hours front desk operations.

FirstService Residential – Silver Spring
FirstService is the Unit Owners Association’s financial manager and is responsible for the collection of fees, billings, escrows and disbursement of funds. You may reach them at 301-495-6600.

The Unit Owners Association
The Unit Owners Association, represented by the Board of Directors, is responsible for setting policy and the financial management of the condominium.  The Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting of the Unit Owners Association in November and generally meets each month.  The time of the meeting is posted in the elevators and on the bulletin board in the lobby.  All unit owners and residents are encouraged and welcome to attend.

The Unit Owners Association and the Board of Directors have established a number of committees to help carry out Encore activities.  These committees are:

Building and Grounds

Communications Subcommittee

Landscaping Subcommittee






Please consider joining one of these committees, so that you can actively participate in the functions and activities of the Encore.

Management Team