Notices and Communications

For current issues – Please review the Happenings Newsletter posted throughout the building.

Please make note of frequent POLICY communications to owners and residents


Window Weep Holes

Windows contain weep holes, which allow rain water to drain from the window frame.

The weep holes (and window tracks) require periodic cleaning to avoid clogging.

During rain storms, clogged weep holes may force water to leak into below units.   Owners are responsible for keeping the weep holes and window tracks cleaned.

Should a window  leak into a below unit, Owners will be held responsible for the mitigation (removing of the drywall and the airing out inside the walls) and repair of the affected unit.

Please contact the Front Desk to schedule an appointment for maintenance to inspect and clean the window weep holes.

Encore Owners and Residents experienced an influx of rain water during Hurricane Sandy.  Clogged weep holes were the main culprits that cause water to leak into below units.

Please read the notice to residents on “Sandy” windows and weep hole cleaning.

No Grilling on Balconies/Patios

In accordance with Encore’s rules and regulations, Encore residents are prohibited from cooking or grilling on the balconies/Patios.  This includes any hotplates, electric, gas or charcoal grills.

Please contact management to report any violations of the condominium covenants.

Thank you for your cooperation.

HVAC/Air Conditioning Use

With the warmer temperatures, residents are beginning to turn on their air conditioning units.  Prior to turning on the a/c, have your licensed contractor perform preventive maintenance (PM) service. Retain a copy of the work tickets for your records.  In addition to the PM Services, Owner/Residents should frequently:

  • be sure the condensation drains are clean;
  • change the filter;
  • inspect and/or replace worn insulation around condensation pipes;
  • inspect the HVAC closet for any leaks.

Report any leaks to management.  Leaks can cause damage to below units.  Upon notification of a leak, management will inspect all units in the tier to determine the location of the leak.

Storage Bin Contents

A storage cubicle is a reserved common element that has been assigned to a unit.  The Association Bylaws, Section 5.12 Storage, Disclaimer of Bailee Liability, provides that the Association shall not be considered a bailee of any personal property stored on the common elements (including any personal property in storage cubicles) or for any loss or damage.

Intermittently, leaks will occur in the storage rooms.  The Encore recommends that residents take a proactive approach to protect the personal contents in the storage bins.  A few suggestions on ways to protect your belongings are as follows:

Place large and small items in plastic bags or plastic bins.  Plastic bins are waterproof.  Cardboard boxes absorb water.

Place a pallet on the floor of the storage bin and then stack the contents.  This will allow any water on the floor to flow to the nearest drain or low point.

Stack contents no higher than the lowest pipe or conduit in the storage bin.  It is a fire hazard to stack items to a point which obstructs view and access to the pipes.

List and insure your personal contents.

Trash and Recycle Disposal

Please dispose of trash and recyclables between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.  Disposing of trash outside of the above hours causes a disturbance to the nearby neighbors

All recyclable items may be placed in one recycle bin.  Please do not place trash in the recycle bin.

Please break down all boxes so that they may fit in the recycling bin. If your item(s) or boxes do not fit in the recycling bin, kindly take take those items to the loading dock for disposal.